Once again…

30 Jun

Yes it was time for one more birthday party ūüôā

Yesterday my daughter had her birthday, today is my mothers birthday and tomorrow is my fathers birthday. . we made ¬†a great party and we had a nice time together ūüôā




My graduation

19 Jun

Last week I finally graduated from University. Now I’m a real teacher ūüôā

made my own graduation party so I was a little bit tired but it was fun. I had about 50 guests (only relatives) and I had a great evening.

Because most of the guests lives here I only made a little buff√©. So there I didn’t served any warm food, only sallads and cookies and so on.


Here are som pictures from my graduation party











Presents for my daughters teachers

19 Jun

Big time ;)

1 Jun

Here in Sweden they have the best pizza EVER. ..

When you are really hungry you can order family pizza. Look at the size of the pizza and compare it with the size of the baby ūüôā



Orthodox easter

11 May

Orthodoxs celebreate easter 5 weeks later than other christians in the world. In my family we color eggs,¬† baking and we est lots of Swedish candy ūüôā


I baked a Carrot cake with cream chees. This cake is easy to make and it tastes lovely ūüôā


Jojo the Wise

Wedding in our way

23 Apr

We went to my cousins wedding and I wanted to share some nice pictures from his wedding,  enjoy!


Here are some dresses and hair styles


some decorations and the food served on the wedding


The wedding cake, flower decoration and champagne

Jojo the Wise

Birthday party in Hovsj√∂

7 Apr


Jojo the Wise


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